International Institute for Restorative Practices

International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) is the largest resource for bringing restorative practices to schools and I think what people consider the “gold standard” when it comes to training and implementation in schools. They also offer a Masters in restorative justice.

Restorative practices SFUSD

In recognition of the need for an accelerated “culture shift” in the way SFUSD approaches solutions to  disruptive student behavior and growing rates of suspensions, the Board of Education adopted Resolution No. 96-23A1. This resolution aims to take a restorative approach to student discipline and preventative measures in our school communities. Demonstration of this support was evidenced by the passage of Resolution 96-23A1 – In Support of a Comprehensive School Climate, Restorative Practices and Alternatives to Suspension/Expulsion.

Resolutions Northwest

Resolution Northwest facilitates honest dialogue to resolve conflict and advance racial and social justice. They envision inclusive and just communities in which people connect across differences and equitably share opportunities to thrive.

Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth

Disparately impacting youth of color, punitive school discipline and juvenile justice policies activate tragic cycles of youth violence, incarceration, and wasted lives. Founded in 2005, RJOY works to interrupt these cycles by promoting institutional shifts toward restorative approaches that actively engage families, communities, and systems to repair harm and prevent re-offending. RJOY focuses on reducing racial disparities and public costs associated with high rates of incarceration, suspension, and expulsion. They provide education, training, and technical assistance and collaboratively launch demonstration programs with our school, community, juvenile justice, and research partners.


SEEDS Community Resolution Center is a 510(c)(3) nonprofit community-based organization that has been providing mediation, facilitation, training, and restorative justice to residents, organizations, and schools in the Bay Area since 1983.